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For almost a century The 1000 Acres Ranch has been known for having one of the best riding programs in the Adirondacks and 2020 will be no different. With an expanded riding program, miles of reclaimed trails and a new stock of horses this season will surely offer something for beginner and experienced riders alike.

All rides listed below are available to guests as well as the general public.

Non-guest riders can reserve a saddle by calling our office.



Walking Ride- Our walking ride is a great way to 

                                           experience the true beauty of the

                                           Adirondack Mountains. Each ride

                                           last an hour and typically covers

                                           about 3 miles.

Fast Ride-  For the more experienced rider we offer 

                              trot and canter rides. These rides are by

                              appointment only and the ability of each

                              rider will be assessed by our barn staff

                              prior to the start of the ride.

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**Additional Fees Apply**

Stopover Ride- For those that want a little extra time

                                          in the saddle we're happy to offer an

                                          extended ride with a stopover for

                                          lunch along the Stony Creek. These

                                          rides typically last about two and a

                                          half hours.

River Crossing - This is for experienced riders

                                          and offers something found nowhere

                                          else in the Northeast. Riders will

                                          cross the Hudson River and traverse

                                          some of the most beautiful trails in

                                          the Adirondack Park. This ride is only

                                          available when nature permits so call

                                          ahead to reserve your place.


Cattle Sorting- Try your hand at moving cattle around

                                          obstacles, sorting them by color or

                                          number and getting them in the proper

                                          pen. Get a true cowboy experience

                                          while staying safely within the Arena.


Riding Lessons- Lessons offer the less experienced

                                             riders the opportunity to not miss out

                                             on all the different rides the ranch

                                             has to offer.




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